Muses of Urbanity 
Is a personal journey of urban cyclist Renata Santiago around the major towns in Europe that were changed by bicycle culture. This sensible journey brings up bikes as items of inspiration to a more beautiful and quality life style making concrete urban scenario softer and more fluide.​​​​​​​

They glide elegantly. 
Have the wind cut nicely and gracefully. 
When they rest, they adorn. 
When moving, they transform. 
Because they are the move. 
A move that colors everything up. 
A move that makes everything fluide. 
A move that turns concrete cities to a more human friendly environment. 
Because they remind us of the bright side of being human. 
And they make it stronger. 
Running free those two wheels embrace tours, dreams and amazing reunions. 
They bring out smiles. 
These muses connect freedom lovers.   
Muses of Urbanity rescue the collective. 
They are pure inspiration to a cycling and always moving life.

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