Cristiano Almeida

“Maximize your potential. Lead your life. Unlock your success"
Cristiano Almeida is a leadership coach and a speaker with a military and sport background. There is no such thing as impossible to him. And there is no mountain high enough he cannot lead someone to reach the top. Our journey through making Cristiano Almeida a brand has being an inspiring and challenging one. 

Personal Branding
The more we get to know him the more a brand DNA shapes itself in a outstanding way. Creating Cristiano Almeida’s brandbook is just our first step throughout his Online Reputation process. The brand book is a cornerstone to his personal branding, making organized and clear what he stands for, his beliefs, promises, services and personas. A logo was thought and created to make him recognizable and noticed as the perfect professional to help you unlock your potential to lead and make a difference in your own life.
Social Media Channels & Publications
Content strategy for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud, YouTube

Other Projects