Armazém das Grifes

Is a Brazilian clothing outlet with five stores in São Paulo. Armazém das Grifes sells popular brands with discounts up to 80% to a 30+ target in different neighborhoods in the city. We were challenged to rebrand their social media channels and online communication with customers, in order to achieve two goals: awareness - reach new potential clients in the neighborhoods with outlet stores. Reminder - have old customers to acknowlegde new offers and special discounts to invite them to return to the stores.

Our strategy brought a content more aligned to the outlet's target needs, the products and discounts stood out and campaigns made communication more vivid and dynamic. The results were an expressive rise of new customers interacting and visiting the stores. Old customers also reached out to make sure if the products they saw on the outlet Facebook page were still available. Everything as fast as the Retail business requires. 

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